Spring2ACTion Thank you

Wow! As you can see above, we are toasting the AHA matching gift donors and those who met those matches. THANK YOU to everyone who supported AHA during the Spring2ACTion campaign. With the help of our members, volunteers, friends and family of members and volunteers, and our Alexandria network of supporters, we not only met our goal of $32,000, we blew right past it to raise $35,690.
We considered lowering our goal given the current state of affairs. But, like ACT for Alexandria, decided to keep our goal as planned for this campaign. Well, Alexandria came through for us and for Spring2ACTion as a whole with $2.4 million raised in total. We are very, very grateful for this huge outpouring of support.
And, if you missed the day, but still want to contribute, we would certainly welcome your contribution on our website Donate page here, or by check mailed to the office. It will be credited to the Spring2ACTion campaign. Thank you!