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A Matter of Balance and Fall Prevention Resources

National Council on Aging – 6 Steps to Prevent a Fall

Falls Prevention Programs: Saving lives, saving money

Debunking the Myths of Older Adult Falls

6 Steps to Protect Your Older Loved One from a Fall

A Matter of Balance General Information


About the Village Movement and AHA In the News

Better With Age: Bridge the technology divide by Cele Garrett
07/15/21 Alexandria Times

It Takes a Village by Cele Garrett 
12/19/19 Alexandria Times

People at Work: It Takes a Village in Alexandria
10/17/17 Connection Newspaper

Baby Boomers join aging-at-home villages for yoga, happy hour, cooking classes and biking
5/6/17 The Washington Post

For Alexandria Seniors, It Takes a Village
Jan 2017 The Zebra Press

It Takes a Village
10/6/15 Connection Newspaper

Retirees Turn to Virtual Villages for Support
12/28/14 New York Times



The Recovery Village – resources and information about drug and alcohol addiction in the elderly population


Financial Literacy Handouts
Prepared by Brenda Bloch-Young

Building a Financial Roadmap


Planning for Health-related Appointments and Emergencies
Prepared by the AHA Member Services Committee

Preparing for a Medical Appointment

Planning for a Scheduled Hospital Stay

Planning for Health Emergencies


Recognizing a Stroke

How to Spot a Stroke and Save a Life – YouTube Video

Stroke Recognition – Arlington TV Segment

Stroke Recognition Song for Children

Stroke Smart Alexandria (Mayoral Proclamation) and Interview

Spot a Stroke Poster


Resource links from AHA Conversations With…
From Sandy Northrop’s March 2018 talk on Vietnam

Pete Person: Assignment Hanoi

Vietnam Passage: Journeys from War to Peace

Vietnam: Next Generation

Agent Orange: Last Chapter of the Vietnam War

Princess Diana Brought Attention to Land Mines, but Their Danger Lingers


Tech Talk Tuesday Handouts
Prepared by Jen Heinz, Membership and Marketing Manager

Tech Talk Handout – Using “The Cloud”

Zoom Participant Instructions

Tech Talk Handout – Computer Security

Tech Talk Handout – The Wide World of Google

Tech Talk Handout – Cell Service/Cell Phones: Are you overpaying for your needs?

Tech Talk Handout – Ordering Online: Grocery Delivery Options

Tech Talk Handout – Health-related apps

Tech Talk Handout – Tech-inspired Gifts

Tech Talk Handout – Podcasts

Tech Talk Handout – Smart Home Devices

Tech Talk Handout – Printing and Sharing Your Photos

Tech Talk Handout – Mobile Payment Apps

How to Set Up a Smart Speaker for Privacy – from Consumer Reports

Tech Talk Handout – Music Apps

Tech Tuesday Handout – Cut the cord?  Streaming TV options 

Tech Talk Handout – Guarding your online privacy

Tech Talk Handout – Amazon Echo aka “Alexa”

Tech Talk Handout – All About Apps

Tech Talk Handout – Google Its more than a search engine

Tech Talk Handout – A down to earth look at the cloud

Tech Talk Handout – Focus on Photography