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About the Village Movement and AHA In the News

Better With Age: Bridge the technology divide by Cele Garrett
07/15/21 Alexandria Times

It Takes a Village by Cele Garrett 
12/19/19 Alexandria Times

People at Work: It Takes a Village in Alexandria
10/17/17 Connection Newspaper

Baby Boomers join aging-at-home villages for yoga, happy hour, cooking classes and biking
5/6/17 The Washington Post

For Alexandria Seniors, It Takes a Village
Jan 2017 The Zebra Press

It Takes a Village
10/6/15 Connection Newspaper

Retirees Turn to Virtual Villages for Support
12/28/14 New York Times


Resource links from AHA Conversations With…

From Sandy Northrop’s March 2018 talk on Vietnam

Pete Person: Assignment Hanoi —

Vietnam Passage: Journeys from War to Peace:

Vietnam: Next Generation —


A Matter of Balance and Fall Prevention Resources

National Council on Aging – 6 Steps to Prevent a Fall

Falls Prevention Programs: Saving lives, saving money

Debunking the Myths of Older Adult Falls

6 Steps to Protect Your Older Loved One from a Fall

A Matter of Balance General Information


Planning for Health-related Appointments and Emergencies
Prepared by the AHA Member Services Committee

Preparing for a Medical Appointment

Planning for a Scheduled Hospital Stay

Planning for Health Emergencies

Handouts from Tuesday Tech Talks

Prepared by Jen Heinz, Membership and Marketing Manager

Tech Talk Handout – Using “The Cloud”

Zoom Participant Instructions

Tech Talk Handout – Computer Security

Tech Talk Handout – The Wide World of Google

Tech Talk Handout – Cell Service/Cell Phones: Are you overpaying for your needs?

Tech Talk Handout – Ordering Online: Grocery Delivery Options

Tech Talk Handout – Health-related apps

Tech Talk Handout – Tech-inspired Gifts

Tech Talk Handout – Podcasts

Tech Talk Handout – Smart Home Devices

Tech Talk Handout – Printing and Sharing Your Photos

Tech Talk Handout – Mobile Payment Apps

How to Set Up a Smart Speaker for Privacy – from Consumer Reports

Tech Talk Handout – Music Apps

Tech Tuesday Handout – Cut the cord?  Streaming TV options 

Tech Talk Handout – Guarding your online privacy

Tech Talk Handout – Amazon Echo aka “Alexa”

Tech Talk Handout – All About Apps

Tech Talk Handout – Google Its more than a search engine

Tech Talk Handout – A down to earth look at the cloud

Tech Talk Handout – Focus on Photography

Recognizing a Stroke

How to Spot a Stroke and Save a Life – YouTube Video

Stroke Recognition – Arlington TV Segment

Stroke Recognition Song for Children

Stroke Smart Alexandria (Mayoral Proclamation) and Interview

Spot a Stroke Poster


The Recovery Village – resources and information about drug and alcohol addiction in the elderly population