Happy Anniversary to us!

What a great 7th anniversary event! Many thanks to Jennifer Wade, Jane White and the Potomac Mandolin Ensemble for providing us with insights and entertainment on the anniversary party theme, “Music for Life.”  If you’re wondering about the photo above, it’s a photo of one of our AHA members on her 7th birthday – can you guess who?

It’s Pam Nelson! We enjoyed a little guessing game at the end of the event with photos of our members at or around age 7. What a hoot! Some people just never change!

Violinist Jennifer Wade and music teacher Jane White shared their insights on the value of music throughout our lives. Both encouraged attendees to consider taking up a new instrument, using the built-in instrument – the voice, or listening to music regularly, to boost mood and energy. Both gave examples of the incredible benefits of music therapy and music instruction at every stage of life.

The Potomac Mandolin Ensemble featured one of our AHA members, Lynn Falk, and she was joined by two other members for the performance. We appreciated hearing both familiar tunes and lively folk songs.

Thanks to everyone who came out in support of this event!