Vendor Services

At Home in Alexandria (AHA) provides a clearinghouse for recommended commercial, nonprofit, or community  service providers to our Members.  In support of this service, AHA offers the following:

  • If requested, an AHA volunteer will be at the Member’s home when a tradesperson is onsite;
  • AHA will follow up on work done to make sure that the Member’s price and quality expectations were met;
  • AHA will seek to negotiate discounts for Members from its recommended providers;
  • If desired by the Member, AHA will arrange for a three-way conversation (service provider, the AHA Member, and the office)  to help ensure a common understanding of expectations;  and
  • Whatever the nature of the request, we’ll try to find a recommended resource.

AHA receives input for additions to our list of recommended vendors from our Members, Friends, volunteers, Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and providers themselves (self-nominated).

AHA  will also serve  as an advocate to help­ resolve any issues that may arise and follows up with the Member after the work is complete to ensure quality service and Member satisfaction.  Members who have requested and received services through either AHA’s corps of volunteers or service providers are routinely asked to rate the service(s) received and offer suggestions for improvements.

Members are responsible for the cost and terms of nonvolunteer services provided.