Support AHA With Your Gift

Helping a member with low sight pay her bills. Shoveling the snow for a member recovering from knee surgery. Providing a ride to a doctor’s appointment for a member who can no longer drive. All of these are services provided by AHA volunteers — and could all be happening on the same day! But we also need your support.

At Home in Alexandria relies on volunteers to carry out so many of our services – and we really are committed to “bringing back community” by providing our older neighbors with the support they need to remain in our community and in their homes. But AHA must rely on the donations of our friends and supporters to keep the doors open and, among other things, continue to recruit, vet, and train volunteers, coordinate more than 1200 services requests each year, and communicate with members and volunteers about our social and educational opportunities. We hope you’ll support AHA as you make your year end gifts by donating to AHA securely online here. All donations are fully tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!