Membership Benefits and Fees

At Home in Alexandria is a membership organization and offers two membership options – Associate Membership and Full Membership. Both options are described below and you may elect whichever best suits your needs. Alexandrians age 55+ are welcome to join us for an event to “try us out” and meet other members. Contact us anytime at 703-231-0824 to learn more about membership.

If you are a member of Goodwin Living at Home (GLAH) please contact the AHA office for AHA membership information and fees.



Join a Thriving Group of AHA Associate Members!

At Home in Alexandria (AHA) is proud to be Alexandria’s “village”—a group of volunteers giving our neighbors ages 55+ the confidence and practical help to thrive while staying healthy, engaged and connected to our Alexandria community. But maybe you don’t yet need the practical support—transportation, errands, technical support, decluttering, light maintenance and other services—that AHA offers.

We invite you to join a growing group of AHA Associate Members. Your annual membership of $300(single) or $350 (household) gives you the opportunity to participate in 120+ social and educational events we host each year. And, all but $50 of that fee is tax-deductible. You can enjoy the social benefits of AHA and support our organization at the same time. Find out what’s special about being part of a “village!”

Click here to Download the AHA Associate Membership Application.


What AHA Membership Provides

When you become a full member of At Home in Alexandria with your annual membership dues, you are welcome to participate in any of the AHA educational and social events, but you may also call our office to arrange a wide variety of services. AHA is a community of trained and vetted volunteers who are ready to assist you with a great variety of practical, social and emotional support. Simply call or email our AHA office with your request. Full membership in AHA is $600/year for an individual and $850/year for a household membership. Subsidized membership is available for those with financial need. Contact the office to learn more.

Click here to Download the Full Membership Form.


AHA provides transportation to doctor appointments, the drug store, the gym, the library, the bank, a meeting, or almost anywhere you need to go but can’t get there on your own.


Maybe you need something dropped off at the dry cleaners or the post office–or need someone to do your grocery shopping. AHA volunteers can help!

Help with Technology

AHA can help members set up and use computers, printers, smart phones, e-mail, DVDs, clocks, thermostats, and other devices.

Light Home Maintenance

AHA volunteers help members with household maintenance such as changing light bulbs, turning mattresses, treating slow running drains, unsticking windows, home safety and emergency preparations, and miscellaneous handyman tasks.

Yard Work

Though we cannot take the place of your regular yard mower, we can provide short-term help with jobs like gardening, watering, weeding, or snow shoveling.

Home Organizing

AHA volunteers can assist with organizing, decluttering, downsizing, and hauling away unwanted items.

Social, Educational, and Community Events

AHA arranges and coordinates interest groups, book clubs, entertainment outings, special events, educational seminars, and similar activities for its Members.

Vendor Services

AHA maintains a list of vetted vendor service providers, some of whom offer discounts to AHA members. These service providers come from recommendations by AHA members or volunteers. (Vendors cannot pay to be included among our recommendations.) If desired, an AHA volunteer will facilitate communications between our member and the contractor.


AHA can provide services like friendly visits, conversation, and reading.

Pet Care

If you’re traveling or having surgery, our volunteers can provide short-term dog walking and visitations.

Phone Check-In

If, for any reason, you feel safer by having an AHA volunteer phone to check in with you at any interval—daily, weekly or whenever—we are happy to do that.

Medical Advocacy and/or medical note-taking

Trained AHA personnel can assist members in dealing with their physicians and hospitals. (Future service)

You may not need practical support right now but would enjoy our numerous social activities. Why not consider an AHA Associate Membership?