April Newsletter Arrives

Along with the Spring flowers, our April newsletter has arrived for you to read and enjoy. Click here to read the newsletter

This issue marks the end of an era. Our stalwart editor, reporter, and photographer, Bill Clayton, has produced his 100th edition and is now passing the mantel to a new crew to continue producing the news for AHA members and volunteers. EVERY month for 100 months, Bill has written copy, taken photographs and collected articles. Then, along with his wonderful wife Teddye, they’ve worked on that graphical puzzle that makes everything fit on 6 pages. They scheduled their travels so as not to miss an issue – and they never did. Bill has a fine farewell article in this edition and has promised to help guide those who follow in the “ways of the newsletter.” Words cannot express the appreciation we hold for this incredible service to our AHA community. All we can say is – Bill and Teddye – thank you, thank you, thank you.