AHA Celebrates 10 Years!

On April 15, AHA officially marked its 10-year anniversary. We have grown as an organization and learned so much along the way. I would be remiss not to mention some of the great leaders who got us on our feet: Our three “official” founders were the late Richard Moose, Ernie Lehmann and the late Dr. Judith Jones. Of course, there are so many more AHA leaders who helped to make AHA a reality, many of whom still are part of our AHA community: L and Ann Liddle, Penny Roberts, Maggie and Barry Stauffer, Bill and Teddye Clayton, Julie Gentry, Pam and Steve Nelson, Chriss Nielsen and Tom Crowley, Nancy Kincaid and Barbara Rosenfeld. Each of them contributed so much energy to getting AHA up and running. Charter members who signed on with AHA before we opened our doors include Megan Evans, Brigitte Guttstadt, Charles and DoDo Ablard, Jean Antone, Nancy Berg, Suzanne Brock and Marianne Weitz. All of them remain AHA members today. We are planning a “delayed” anniversary celebration in September, so stay tuned.