What do you mean when you say that AHA is a “membership” organization?  

Individuals pay an annual fee, in return for which they are entitled to open access to all services offered by AHA. AHA members call or email our office to request a variety of services.

What does it cost to become an AHA member?

The annual fee for a single membership is $600; the fee for a household membership is $850. Members can pay the fee in two installments if they wish.

What if I cannot afford that membership fee?

AHA has a few slots of subsidized memberships available—made possible by a few of our generous supporters. For those who qualify (with an annual income under $50,000 gross), the member can pay $100 and AHA will cover the remainder of the membership fee. Please contact the AHA office by phone to express your interest in a subsidized memberships.

What services can an AHA member request?   

Some of our most popular requests include:  light home maintenance; transportation; technical troubleshooting for your smartphone, television, computer, printer or other device; referrals to service providers; organizing and decluttering; errand running, and short-term pet care or gardening care when you’re away.

Who provides the services to AHA Members?  

Services are provided by volunteers who live and work in our community. Each volunteer must interview with AHA, undergo a background check, and receive a training session in our office.  Some of our volunteers are AHA members themselves; others simply have a desire to help their neighbors. Our volunteer drivers also must undergo a check of their driving record and show validation of adequate insurance. Additionally, AHA carries an additional insurance policy for our members’ protection.

Are there any limits or restrictions placed on the number of requests a member may make, e.g., for transportation or destinations?   

All reasonable requests from a member will get a response and we currently do not have any maximum limit. The distance limit for a ride is 15 miles one way. For transportation requests to/from Washington, DC, we ask that you limit requests to those that are medical in nature and that you consider rush hour traffic when scheduling that appointment. We are committed to getting you to your destination on time!

Are all of AHA’s services free with Membership?

There is no charge for services delivered by volunteers. Where skilled technical or professional services are required (e.g., plumbing, electrical, or accounting), AHA can refer our member to a vetted service provider, the quality and cost of whose services AHA will have screened. Costs for these services are the responsibility of the member. AHA follows up on services–volunteer or professionally provided–to ensure member satisfaction.

Do you serve all residents in the city of Alexandria?

AHA covers about 85% of the city in its geographic service area. There is a portion of the west end of the city that is not covered in our service area. Check out our service map here.

For more information email us at aha@athomeinalexandria.org, or call 703-231-0824.