About Us

Our Mission

AHA is a member-driven nonprofit village that builds and sustains a 55+ community to successfully navigate aging. Together, we share activities, programs and services, including access to needed assistance.


Our Values

  • Resilience
  • Independence
  • Engagement
  • Confidence
  • Health and well-being
  • Safety/security


Our Vision

AHA’s vision is to be an advocate for older Alexandrians to live safe, active and connected lives.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

AHA denounces discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, ability or disability, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation because it undermines the well-being and vitality of our community.

AHA takes the broadest possible view of diversity. We strive to cultivate equity as a value and a practice, and endeavor to fully express those values in our organizational culture.

AHA strives to become a more culturally competent organization by welcoming the unique perspectives and experiences that each person brings.

Join us in embracing diversity, equality, and inclusion for seniors in Alexandria.


AHA is a membership organization, which means you pay an annual membership fee that, in turn, entitles you to request services from AHA for an entire year. These services include transportation, errands, technical support, light maintenance, organizing and decluttering, short-term pet or lawn care, and much more. AHA membership is ideal for the person who is still independent, yet could sometimes use a little help to feel confident and safe in their home. We like to consider ourselves a “one-stop shop” for our members–not only for direct support from our trained volunteers, but also when they need referrals for community services or industry experts.

An important part of our village experience is the vast array of social opportunities. You can take part in our walking club or cycling club, join an AHA “game day,” or attend a Sunday afternoon “Conversations” event that features a special guest speaker and is hosted in a member’s home. And, there are AHA affinity groups including 2 book clubs and 3 current event discussion groups. If you enjoy trying different restaurants around town, join us for our monthly lunch and/or dinner. You’ll find happy hours, ladies’ and men’s night out, and much more. In fact, many folks don’t need the practical support that we provide but enjoy our many social opportunities so they choose to be an AHA Associate Member.

AHA officially opened its doors on April 15, 2011, though the work began several years prior when a group of Alexandrians saw the need to give our older neighbors non-medical support so they could “age in community” in this city where they’ve established roots. These early organizers met with leaders of public and private organizations, community groups, and individuals living in Alexandria to determine which services were already available and which services were needed. These stakeholders were unanimous in expressing a need for AHA in the City of Alexandria.

This is a model that has worked in many other cities across the country—the first being “Beacon Hill Village” in Boston, which began in 2002. Today, across the country, there are more than 300 “villages” like us in operation and many more in various stages of development. In the Washington DC metro area alone, there are 70+ villages! We’re proud to join with Senior Services of Alexandria, the city’s Dept. of Aging and Adult Services, the city’s Commission on Aging, and other individuals and businesses committed to making Alexandria a great place to “age in community.”